Online Homestay Coordination and Communication System, for Homestay Agents and Schools


We make advanced homestay coordination easier by enabling everyone online

Coordinators and hosts can access and update their homestay profiles online.

Homestay families can see compatible groups based on distance, availability and other advanced filters, and receive updates via emails when new groups become available for them to consider. Coordinators may also promote available groups to a filtered list of homestay families with email or SMS campaigns including personalised information.

Homestay families may apply to host guests of any available groups, with a clear view of hosting requirements and options to express their preferences. Coordinators can then process applicants with a clear sense of their hosting preferences, family photo, inspection score, review count, average review score, and other profile information. When confirming a homestay family or adding them to the backup list for a group, a customisable and personalised update can be sent to the homestay family by email with a click.

We save time and improve accuracy by performing many such processes automatically or with a click of a button.

Features And Plans

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($15 / guest)
$25 / guest

Homestay family profile management

Manage host family profiles
Unlimited Any
Import host family profiles
Enable host families to sign-in and update their profiles
Easy maintenence of required "Working with Children" cards, with renewal auto-reminderes

Homestay placements

Identify homestay groups (1 or more guests) and specify who can apply to host
Enable host families to see and apply to host available groups
Confirm host families, add them as backups, or decline them for groups
Upload homestay itinerary for potential and confirmed host families to view with ease
Import guest lists, auto-match guests with hosts, and manually confirm arrangements

Advanced homestay communication

Easy Email host families when they are confirmed, placed on backup, or declined
Include a personalised summary of available groups and confirmed groups in emails to hosts
Auto-request host to re-view guest data and hosting requirements, and to re-confirm
Send a personalised email to some or all confirmed families from a group's page
Send a personalised SMS to some or all confirmed families from a group's page
Auto-SMS confirmed host families 1 day before arrival as a friendly reminder
Enable host families to share reviews of guests, to clarify preferred groups and clients
Auto-email host family 1 day after departure to request reviews
Optionally share online access to group leaders and clients, for easy live data access
Record updates to itineraries and homestay lists and optionally update clients with ease
*See email and sms fair use terms

Accurate and quick payments

Export a CSV/Excel list of payments to process to hosts for days hosted thus far
Choose hosts to send payment notices to after processing payments
Export an ABA (batch payment) file for easy batch payments with your bank
Import payment remittance file to auto-notify hosts of payements

System customisation

Add your name, logo and colour theme
Mask with a custom domain or sub.domain

We reduce the average homestay coordination time per guest from about 75 minutes to 15 minutes.

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About Us

Homestay Systems was initially created by Websight Creative from 2016, to support Choice Homestay.

Homestay Systems now enables Choice Homestay to perform existing processes quicker and easier than ever before, as well as many advanced processes which were not accessible before. This enables Choice Homestay to provide advanced homestay coordination to clients and over 3000 guests per year as well as over 1600 approved homestay families in Queensland, Australia.

With Choice Homestay’s proven success using Homestay Systems, creation of a new commercial version started early in 2018 and it will be ready for more homestay coordinators to access and use from September 2020.